Pick & Mix Korean Restaurant

Korean Pick & Mix Restaurant
1234 Farmington Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06107
(860) 521-1521
11:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Closed on Sunday

This is a great little place that just opened. It is very convinent if you are returning from John Dempsey Hospital. It located in the CVS Plaza across from Stop and Shop. They feature a traditional Korean dish called the Bi Bim Bab bowl. You get your choice of Base: Brown rice, white rice or sweet potato noodles, then you pile on your choice of vegetables (carrot, bean sprouts, spinach, cucumber, radish, mushroom, lettuce, zucchini, egg, broccoli, red pepper, red cabbage.) Then you pick your protein ( beef, chicken, spicy chicken, tofu). Finally, you choose your sauce (hot paste, teriyaki, soy lemon, olive oil, sesame oil). They then heat it all up and mix it together. The whole process takes only three minutes. If you order this between 11 and 3, it is only $7.99 and comes with soup and a soda. It is $8.99 at other hours. My favotite is the spicy chicken on sweet potato noodles with all the vegetables except mushroom with teryiaki and soy lemon sauce.

The people are very friendly and bow to you when you enter and leave.

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